Cognac Hardy VSOP
  • Cognac Hardy VSOP

Cognac Hardy VSOP


A blend of two of Cognac’s greatest terroirs, Grande and Petite Champagne, VSOP Hardy is a subtle and elegant Fine Champagne.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Ugni blanc - Folle Blanche - Colombard

ABV: 40%

PRODUCTION: Fine Champagne, blend of two of the best terroirs in the Cognac region.

AGING: Eaux-de-vie up to 8 years old, reduction in four stages in Limousin oak barrels with a light toasting.

IDEAL SERVE: Neat or over ice / In a cocktail

NOSE: Fresh pear and vanilla

PALATE: Walnut and cinnamon notes

FINISH: Velvety, mouthwatering