Four Seasons "Autumn"  Cognac Hardy
  • Four Seasons "Autumn"  Cognac Hardy

Cognac Hardy "Autumn"


This beautiful LALIQUE decanter is filled with an exceptional blend of rare eaux-de-vie showcasing notes of citrus and candied fruit, true essence of autumn as chosen by our Cellar Master as the third expression of our Four Seasons collection.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Ugni Blanc - Folle Blanche - Colombard

ABV: 41%

PRODUCTION: LALIQUE has crafted a unique series limited to 400 carafes as a tribute to the natural cycle of four seasons.

AGING: Armand Hardy selected a few Grande Champagne cognacs crafted between the two World Wars to create an eau-de-vie as unique as its magnificent container.

IDEAL SERVE: Neat or over ice

NOSE: Cherry kernel, citrus, candied oranges

PALATE: Suavy, candied apricots, raisins, saffron

FINISH: Rancio